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Pharmacogenetic testing is gaining momentum as a powerful tool in optimizing employee health and productivity, and managing disability and absenteeism

Pharmacogenetic testing can help your plan members with pain or mental health conditions find the right treatment faster

With only one third of patients responding well to the first drug prescribed to them, most plan members will spend weeks or months trialling different medications, often enduring side effects along with the persistent symptoms of their condition. Even worse, the chances of remission decrease with each subsequent drug trialled.

Sub-optimal drug experiences can drive adherence issues and resistance to trying new medications, perpetuating disability. Other consequences can include worsening of symptoms/condition, polypharmacy, and risk of drug dependency.

The good news?  

Genetic factors are estimated to drive approximately 60% of individual drug response variability (20 – 95% depending on the drug). 1-4 Knowing what genetic variants your plan members carry and how this impacts which drugs will work best for them puts them in the driver's seat, empowered with a personalized road map to better health.

Ensuring the right drugs are prescribed for plan members at the outset arms plan managers with a powerful tool to support member well being, reduce absenteeism, and disability, and control drug costs.

Guiding treatment based on pharmacogenetic testing has been shown to reduce drug wastage, overall healthcare costs, and lost productivity,5-9 while driving powerful clinical results:

A medication change for 45% 10

A dosage change for 30% 10

30% reduction in pain 11

50% reduction in opioid usage post surgery 12

2X the response rates 13, 14

4X the symptom improvement 13, 14

1.7X the remission rates
(mental health) 13, 14

40% fewer ER visits &
58% fewer hospitalizations 15

Plan members rank pharmacogenetic testing as a "Top 10 Product" in 2020 16

The 2020 Sanofi Healthcare Report revealed that plan members would like to see pharmacogenetic testing offered as part of their benefit plans (ranking as #8 of the top 10 products listed).

Offering pharmacogenetic testing empowers and engages plan members to take control of their own health, promoting a culture of well-being while supporting employee engagement and productivity.

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Re-energize Group Benefit Plans with a focus on personalized treatment and empowering employees to effectively manage their health by offering pharmacogenetic testing.

Why offer pharmacogenetic testing in pain and mental health?

Pain and Mental Health Are Two Areas of Critical Need:

More than 40% of plan members suffer from some form of chronic pain, mental health condition, or both 16-18

Pain and mental health are the #1 & #3 drivers of overall healthcare costs and are behind the majority of disability claims 16

58 – 71% have absence days (average 6 – 8 days/year)

51 – 64% arrive late/leave early due to their condition (average 4.7–6.6 times/year)

More than half admit their condition negatively impacts job performance

Up to 70% of those with pain or mental health conditions take medications, and nearly a quarter take 3 or more 16

Pain and mental health conditions are characterized by large variations in individual responses to drugs 19, 20

Up to two-thirds do not respond well to the first treatment initiated, leading to extended periods of trial and error, with chances of remission declining with each new drug trial 21-26

Sub-optimal drug experiences can drive adherence issues and resistance to trying new medications 27

Pain & mental health are closely linked 28-32

Up to 60% of those with chronic pain suffer from mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, and depressed individuals are three times as likely to have chronic pain

Sub optimally treated depression and anxiety amplify pain symptoms & vice versa

There is significant overlap in the medications used to treat these conditions

With few new pain or mental health drugs introduced in recent years, and few in development, "the advancement of pharmacotherapy in the foreseeable future will largely be dependant on drug treatment personalization.” 33

Why offer the Inagene Personalized Insights™ test to your plan
members with pain and/or mental health conditions?

Eliminate trial of drugs that will not work, reducing time spent on drug
"trial and error"

Reduce overall number of drugs used (polypharmacy) and overall drug costs

Minimize absence days and disability

Optimize medication adherence and willingness to try new treatments 

Reduce overall medical costs (hospitalizations, expensive interventions and treatments)

Support plan member health, engagement and productivity

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Why is Inagene Personalized Insights™ the right pharmacogenetic test to offer to your plan members with pain or mental health conditions?


Most pharmacogenetic tests evaluate a limited number of variants for each gene impacting medications in pain and mental health. Inagene tests for ALL clinically significant variants occurring in >1/1000 patients (55 genes, 116 variants) to provide the most accurate and complete recommendations.


Our test evaluates more than 130 commonly used medications for pain and mental health conditions (more than any other pharmacogenetic test).
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Personalized Insights™ is the only pharmacogenetic test with a Health Canada MDEL* license, and the only CLIA** accredited pharmacogenetic test in Canada, certifying that it has the validity, accuracy, and reliability to inform clinical care in pain and mental health. Inagene also subscribes to the CAP*** proficiency testing program.


With Inagene Personalized Insights™ your plan members receive the most comprehensive and reliable test for BOTH pain and mental health at a price that is considerably more affordable than other comparative tests, with no added fees or built-in costs.


Our test includes the most comprehensive genetic panel available for individual response to cannabis and cannabinoids. 25 genes and 68 variants known to impact cannabis metabolism are evaluated, with individualized insights provided regarding optimal strain and dose, and potential for side effects, or cannabis - drug interactions.


Our consumer friendly test kit is ordered online and plan members can complete the test in under 5 minutes. The sample is returned to Inagene by mail in a postage-paid envelope, and a link to access the results is sent within 7 days of receipt at our Toronto based lab.

*MDEL: Medical Device Establishment License
**CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) is the governing body that regulates Pgx testing in the USA, certifying tests have the validity, accuracy, and reliability to inform clinical care. CLIA-certification guarantees the most comprehensive, clinically informative test with the highest standard of quality control and test rigour available worldwide.
***CAP: College of American Pathologists

Best-in class report and portal

FAST access to results + EASY Interpretation = LESS delays

Inagene's best in class interactive online report is designed for unparalleled simplicity and convenience and delivered to patients and healthcare providers within 7 days.

Designed for easy comprehension at the consumer level, the report can be easily interpreted and quickly acted on by the patient's own healthcare provider (regardless of pharmacogenetics experience and without mandatory third party interpretation), helping to minimize questions, errors in interpretation,  and delays.

Inagene’s secure portal system enables seamless sharing of online reports between plan members and healthcare providers, and enables easy creation of customizable reports and summaries to ensure quick access to the most relevant information.

Inagene's dedicated pharmacists and geneticists are available on demand to offer personalized support throughout the process.

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Help your plan members feel better, sooner with less trial and error

Plan members who have had to cycle through drugs know it is frustrating, time-consuming, costly and can worsen their condition.

For organizations, a lack of drug efficacy/tolerability leads to wastage, multiple drug usage, and costly non-drug treatments (therapy, interventional procedures, surgery) and perpetuates absenteeism/disability.

Inagene Personalized Insights™ enables a holistic care plan resulting in a more effective group benefit plan offering for those experiencing mental health issues or chronic pain.

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