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Your path to personalized medication starts with an easy 5 minute cheek swab test.

Inagene will send you a medical grade cheek swab right to your door, and a prepaid envelope to send it back to our Toronto lab.

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When it comes to medication, your genes are your blueprint.

Whether you’ve been managing a mental health condition for 10 years, trialling a dozen different antidepressants, or just dealing with post-surgery pain, knowing what medication is likely to work best for your body, with the least side effects, can make a world of difference. With Inagene’s Personalized Insights™ tests, you can get all the information you need from the comfort of your own home.

How it works


Order Your Test Kit

Order your Inagene Personalized Insights™ Kit online, and receive it in the mail within 2 - 5 business days.


Swab Your Cheek

Follow the instructions provided in your kit to properly swab your cheek and collect your sample.


Register Your Swab

Create your account and then register your swab at – a critical step to ensure you receive your report.


Send It To Us

Use the included prepaid package to send your cheek swab sample back to the Inagene lab; simply drop it in the mailbox or at the nearest Canada Post outlet.


Explore Your Results

Your results are ready! See what your report for insights on which medications you should avoid, and which are likely to work best for you.


Share With Your Doctor

Inagene makes it easy to share your results with your health care team to discuss a personalized treatment strategy that works for you, all directly within the Inagene portal.

Your predicted response to over 225 drugs across 22 theraputic areas

The Personalized Insights™ PrecisionRx ULTRA test is the most comprehensive pharmacogenetic test on the market, and the best value. With a specialization on pain and mental health medications, you’ll receive insights into your predicted response to hundreds of medications.

Addictions/ Dependence











Infectious Disease

Mental Health/ Psychiatry






Women's Health

All the tools you need to easily share your report with your healthcare team.

Inagene provides you an easy and fast tool to create a customized summary of your results with the medications most relevant to you and a primer to explain both Inagene, and pharmacogenetics to your healthcare team. Inagene makes it simple to allow your healthcare providers access to your online report through their own accounts.

Your privacy is our top priority.

At Inagene, we believe that personalized medicine should never mean an invasion of privacy, Learn how we earn your trust through stringent policies.

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The Precision Pain and Mental Health kit and the PrecisionRx kit are available for $299 each (plus applicable taxes). The PrecisionRx ULTRA package (Pain and Mental Health AND Precision Rx tests) is $399 (plus applicable taxes). Expedited shipping to Canada is free, you can also upgrade to express shipping for an additional fee.