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Personalized. Certified.

At Inagene, we specialize in providing consumers personalized insights, based on leading genetic analysis and technology. That all starts with having high quality standards in our laboratory.

We endeavor to ensure quality testing for every sample that enters our lab. This means consistently upholding quality standards and employing highly trained staff who ensure accuracy and reliability of results.

We are dedicated to using leading-edge technology, and we hold a Medical Device Establishment License with Health Canada.

As a 100% Canadian company, all genetic analyses are performed in our Toronto, Ontario laboratory.

a Canadian company

Unlocking Insights to Transform Health.

Inagene was founded with a simple mission: use the power of genetic testing to help consumers lead better, pain-free lives.

Pain management is our focus. Unlike other the most comprehensive genetic test for treatment of pain, whether that pain is physical or psychological (like depression or anxiety).

Health and research is in our DNA. With over two decades of experience in genetic diagnostics and over 30 years of commercial health experience, we have witnessed and been a part of the growing technology that makes personalized healthcare possible.

Patients are at the heart of what we do. Patients are not simply seeking more information, but better information to guide them regarding decisions about their health. Inagene Personalized Insights™ makes it easier for patients and physicians to find the safest and most effective pain management options available.

Our mission doesn’t stop with our current test. We are dedicated to genetic research and passionate about furthering discoveries on the relevance of genetics on risk for addiction. We believe every test we do today will contribute to advancing this important genetic research.  More to follow!

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We are doctors, researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and of course, patients ourselves, looking to genetic testing to transform health and wellness. Learn more about our team members and depth of our experience. Click on any link below to get started.

Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

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Leadership Team

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Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is responsible for the day to day operations of Inagene.
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