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Inagene makes it simple for pharmacists to become pharmacogenetics champions (and get paid for it, too).

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Why Pharmacogenetics? And Why Now?

Many of your patients struggle due to ineffective and/or poorly tolerated medications and are looking for more precise treatment guidance that only pharmacogenetics can deliver.

Professional satisfaction from offering pharmacogenetics services can help re-invigorate your passion for the profession of pharmacy.

Pharmacists have been underutilized by the health care system, despite having unmatched knowledge & training in the principles and application of pharmacology, which are foundational to pharmacogenetics.

Pharmacists do not need additional degrees or certifications to start offering pharmacogenetics services.

Surveys show physicians would like pharmacists take a lead role in offering pharmacogenetics services.

Drug price deflation and competitive pressures mean that pharmacists must find alternate revenue streams, like those offered by Inagene’s Pharmacy Partner Program.

9 Reasons Why Inagene Should be Your Pharmacogenetics Testing Partner

The most high stringency drugs, genes and allele variants tested compared to Canadian competitors

Only those drug-gene combinations with a minimum threshold of evidence are included on the test and labeled as actionable, information or preliminary (based on the work of internationally recognized consortia)

Test results updated with new drug-gene data at no charge approximately every 6 months

Cannabis pharmacogenetic testing available on most tests

Samples usually processed within 7 days of being received at laboratory

Accredited Toronto-based laboratory owned and operated by Inagene

Test report is online, customizable, and user-friendly

Competitively priced tests that include a built-in professional fee

Inagene Partner Portal includes training & educational resources, promotional tools and more to help support your offering

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