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Inagene Partner Pharmacy/Clinic Materials

Consignment Kits

Order consignment test kits to be shipped to your pharmacy or clinic. (Note: remember to input the email address* registered with Inagene to order consignment kits free-of-charge)

*Found in your Inagene Consignment Agreement section 4.2

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Promotional Print Materials

Download customizable handouts and posters to create awareness and demand for your pharmacogenetic testing service.


Premade Social Media Content

Access Inagene's bank of customizable social media content, to help drive awareness and uptake of your pharmacogenetic testing service.


Virtual Report Tour Videos

Find Inagene's complete video collect of our Virtual Report Tour, guiding the user all the way from creating their account to understanding their report results.


Promotional Awareness Videos

A collection of short videos that can be projected on clinic/pharmacy monitors and/or posted on your website or social media to educate and promote awareness about pharmacogenetic testing.


Access Our PGx Training & Patient Counseling Resources

To help support the counseling of patients on pharmacogenetics and their Personalized Insights™ results, access Inagene's PGx training materials.

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