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Inagene is committed to helping
healthcare providers apply personalized medicine to their practice.

Why consider incorporating
pharmacogenetics into your practice?

Drug treatment for pain and mental health conditions is rarely straightforward, due in large part to genetics. Reliance on “trial and error” in providing tolerable and efficacious treatments is shown to result in over two-thirds of depressed patients failing first line treatments, due to lack of efficacy and/or adverse drug effects.

It is not atypical to require 3 or more trials to get to the right medication, during which time, patients are exposed to ineffective medications with potential adverse effects, as well as the harmful effects of the pain, depression, or anxiety itself. Time consuming and costly, the "trial and error" process can lead to issues such as:

Poor adherence or resistance to trying new medications due to perceived lack of efficacy or side effects

Adverse drug reactions and/or hospitalizations

Extended disability

Development of drug tolerance or dependency


Individual variation in drug responses is largely due to genetics

More than 98% of individuals carry genetic variants that are known to cause an altered response to some drugs.

Genetic factors are estimated to drive approximately 60% of individual drug response variability (20 – 95% depending on the drug).

Over 116 genetic variants have been identified that are known to impact individual responses to over 130 commonly used drug treatments for pain and mental health conditions.

The science of pharmacogenetics offers an alternative to the
"trial and error" approach to prescribing, and has been shown to:

Improve response rates,
reduce symptoms, and
increase treatment
remission rates

Reduce side-effects
and hospitalizations

Increase willingness to
take medication
(treatment adherence)

Reduce medication
wastage/overall health
care costs

Inagene’s dedicated genetic testing and research lab service is available directly to patients, or by recommendation from their health care professional.

If you’re interested in bringing the power of Personalized Insights™ into your practice, there are two convenient options you can choose from.

No software download or installation required. Simple to access through our secure online portal

Option 1

Direct your patients to purchase their kit directly from Inagene for home delivery (at Have a number of patients who can benefit? Contact us about arranging a unique discount code for your patients to use at the online checkout at

Option 2

Stock Personalized Insights™ kits at your clinic or pharmacy for patient purchase

Inagene Personalized Insights™
Unique Pharmacogenetic Offering:


Most pharmacogenetic tests evaluate a limited number of variants for each gene impacting medications in pain and mental health. Inagene tests for ALL clinically significant variants occurring in >1/1000 patients (55 genes, 116 variants) to provide the most accurate recommendations.


Our test evaluates more than 130 commonly used medications for pain and mental health conditions (more than any other pharmacogenetic test).
Medication list


Our test includes the most comprehensive genetic panel available for individual response to cannabis and cannabinoids. 25 genes and 68 variants known to impact cannabis metabolism are evaluated, with individualized insights provided regarding optimal strain and dose, and potential for unwanted side effects, or cannabis - drug interactions.


With Inagene Personalized Insights™ your patients receive the most comprehensive and reliable test for BOTH pain and mental health at a price that is more affordable than comparative tests, with no added fees or built - in costs


Our online report is uniquely designed to be easily understood by patients, requiring minimal counselling support, and allows for easy generation of customizable reports.


Test results can quickly and easily be shared between patient and health care providers through the secure Inagene Portal.


Our consumer friendly sample kit is ordered online and patients can complete the test in under 5 minutes (in the comfort of their home or in your clinic). The sample is returned to Inagene by mail in a postage-paid envelope, and a link to access the results is sent within 7 days of receipt atour lab.


Our test is built and updated by dedicated scientists with > 30 years of experience in genetics, genetic testing, and personalized medicine. Co-founder Dr. Katherine Siminovitch FRCP(C), ABIM, is an acclaimed leader in genomic medicine, and the senior investigator at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital.


Personalized Insights™ is the only pharmacogenetic test with a Health Canada MDEL* license, and the only CLIA** accredited pharmacogenetic test in Canada, certifying that it has the validity, accuracy, and reliability to inform clinical care in pain and mental health. Inagene also subscribes to the CAP*** proficiency testing program.

*MDEL: Medical Device Establishment License
**CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) is the governing body that regulates Pgx testing in the USA, certifying tests have the validity, accuracy, and reliability to inform clinical care. CLIA-certification guarantees the most comprehensive, clinically informative test with the highest standard of quality control and test rigor available worldwide.
***CAP: College of American Pathologists

Pharmacogenetic testing/reports do not take the place of professional medical advice. All Inagene clients are advised of this, and that any treatment decisions should only be made in consultation with prescribers and the health care team, taking many other factors into consideration, including but not limited to health status, medical history, current treatment regimen, and ongoing treatment response.

Interested in learning more about our report to see how the Personalized Insights™ Report can help your treatment plans?

Inagene helps you to harness the power of personalized medicine to optimize treatment for your pain and mental health patients.

We're proud of the rigour we apply in all we do to ensure you receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date recommendations possible to confidently enable personalized treatment. Our reports and list of medications are updated every 6 - 8 months (at no charge) to reflect new and evolving data, and insights/feedback from patients and health care practitioners.

Case Studies

Actual patient cases demonstrating how Personalized Insights test results were applied to the treatment of patients