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Inagene is
committed to helping healthcare providers
apply personalized medicine to their practice.

Why consider incorporating pharmacogenetics into your practice?
Individual variation in drug responses is largely genetic.

The science of pharmacogenetics offers an alternative to the "trial and error" approach to prescribing, and has been shown to:

Improve response rates, reduce symptoms, and increase treatment remission rates

Reduce side-effects and hospitalizations

Increase willingness to take medication (treatment adherence)

Reduce medication wastage/overall health care costs

Inagene Personalized Insights™ Unique Pharmacogenetic Offering:


Most pharmacogenetic tests evaluate a limited number of variants for each gene impacting medications in pain and mental health. Inagene tests for ALL clinically significant variants in Pain & Mental Health occurring in >1/1000 patients (55 genes, 116 variants) to provide the most accurate recommendations possible in pain and mental health.


Our test evaluates 120 commonly used medications for pain and mental health conditions (more medications for pain and mental health conditions than any other test).


We hold a Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License, and our lab is COLA certified, CLIA certified, and CAP accredited, employing the highest standards of quality control stringency  to ensure test accuracy and reliability.


Our test includes the most comprehensive genetic panel available for individual response to cannabis and cannabinoids. 25 genes and 68 variants known to impact cannabis metabolism are evaluated, and individualized insights are provided regarding optimal strain and dose, and individual potential for unwanted side effects or cannabis - drug interactions.


With Inagene Personalized Insights™ your patients receive the most comprehensive and reliable test for BOTH pain and mental health at a price that is considerably more affordable than other comparative tests, with no added fees or built - in costs.


Our consumer friendly sample kit is ordered online and patients can complete the test in under 5 minutes (either in the comfort of their home or in your clinic). The sample is returned to Inagene by mail in a postage-paid envelope, and a link to access the results is generally sent within 7 days of receipt at our Toronto based lab.


Our online report is uniquely designed to be easily understood by patients and caregivers, requiring minimal counselling support and caters to a variety of applications.


Test results can quickly and efficiently be shared between patient and health care providers through the secure Inagene Portal.


Unparalleled commercial genetic testing expertise: Our test is built and updated by dedicated scientists with > 30 years of experience in genetics, genetic testing, and personalized medicine.

Interested in seeing an interactive sample of our report to see how the Personalized Insights(TM) Report can help your treatment plans?

How does the process work?
Inagene helps you to harness the power of personalized medicine to optimize treatment for your pain and mental health patients.

Case Studies

Actual patient cases demonstrating how Personalized Insights test results were applied to the treatment of patients