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We are Agnostic and we believe there's always room for better thinking. As a strategic communications agency, we are industry experts with an unmatched drive for uncovering better insights, stronger creative and delivering business strategy with impact. We dare ourselves and our clients to seek out better thinking. It's the only way to reach uncharted territory for your business and achieve more. How do we do it? With our personalized, one-style-fits-none approach to communications. Find out more at

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Alberta Innovates

It’s time to get to the bottom of how we can optimize individuals’ treatment with cannabis, which is why Inagene is very proud to partner with Alberta Innovates on the launch of their Real-World Evaluation of Cannabis-Based Medicines (mCannabis.RealWorld) Program! The mCannabis.RealWorld Program is a novel, much needed enabling mechanism to address urgent clinical or policy knowledge gaps related to the efficacy and safety of cannabis in a real-world setting. Ultimately this program promises to significantly advance our knowledge about how we can optimize the health of Canadians by leveraging cannabis and cannabis products.

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Inagene is proud to be one of BIOTECanada's more than 250 members, a national industry-funded association that represents a spectrum of biotech constituents including emerging and established firms in the health, industrial, and agricultural sectors, as well as academic and research institutions and other related organizations. Just like Inagene, BIOTECanada is proudly Canadian, driven by the mission is to lead the advancement of a globally competitive Canadian biotechnology ecosystem.

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dnaPower Inc.

Inagene is excited to announce our new partnership with dnaPower Inc, a Canadian company specializing in applying the power of genetic testing to help individuals make better, data driven decisions, about their health. Together we are providing a complete suite of comprehensive DNA test offerings for both preventative health (individual disease risk and personalized diet and exercise recommendations), as well as treatment optimization (which supplements and medications will work best and which you should avoid based on your genes). The “Ultimate Insights Package” provides actionable guidance to help you achieve lifelong gains and feel your best.

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Ehm & Co

Inagene is happy to say we’ve enlisted the help of digital marketing firm, Ehm & Co, who specializes in connecting brands with Canadian moms. Founded by Erica Ehm, a media personality & entrepreneur, their belief is that moms are naturally curious, social and connected. They are constantly seeking information that can make mom’s daily routines easier- and Ehm and Co brings them the information they’re looking for. Health is important for every household and Inagene wants to ensure those same moms have all the information they can before starting themselves, or their loved ones, on a medication to manage a pain or mental health condition.

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iMD Health

Big news! You can now find Inagene on the iMD Health network. iMD Health is a Canadian company founded in 2010, dedicated to improving patient engagement, treatment adherence, and health outcomes by providing digital healthcare solutions at each stage of the patient journey, at every level of care. Their “Patient Engagement Platform” is Canada’s largest online library of patient resources and health information provided by over 60 trusted health organizations and the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. Among their incredible list of partners, Inagene is proud to have their materials easily accessible on their platform for both patients and healthcare practitioners alike.

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At Inagene, we help our clients better understand the medication-side of their treatment plan, but we know medication is only one piece of the puzzle. That’s why we’re proud to announce our new collaboration with Snapclarity, an innovative Canadian company revolutionizing mental health treatment! Snapclarity is accessible, evidence-based, and outcome-driven for an effortless journey to wellness. Snapclarity is a digital platform that provides a personalized mental health experience where their members find the right personalized care to manage their conditions.

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Yummy Mummy Club

The health of yourself and your loved ones is Inagene’s utmost priority, which is why a partnership with YMC felt so natural. YMC lets us bring moms all the information they need to ensure they can help find the best treatment for themselves or their family members who are suffering with a pain or mental health condition. YMC has long stood for Yummy Mummy Club, a platform which provides Canadian women with kids information to find inclusive, intelligent, unfiltered stories and opinions, as well as the little things to help them win their day. On their website, you can find articles spanning a variety of topics, one of which discuss how pharmacogenetics may be the answer you’re looking for.

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ZoomerMedia Limited

Attention all “Zoomers”! Keep your eyes and ears on alert for Inagene on various ZoomerMedia platforms like their radio station or even in your inbox. If you’re 45+, you may be familiar with Canada’s only diversified media company who is uniquely devoted to creating content, services and experiences for Canada’s most powerful audience – the 16.1 million people aged 45-plus, who we call “Zoomers.” ZoomerMedia owns and operates media across all platforms like TV, radio, print, digital and also produces original TV and radio programming. We have some great content being released on their platforms so make sure to look out for some great pharmacogenetic insights!

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