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Offer your patients an alternative to medication "trial and error", so they can feel better, sooner.

A quick cheek swab test reveals which medications and doses have the highest likelihood of treatment success for each patient - based on their DNA. Introducing the Inagene Personalized Insights™ pharmacogenetic test. 

The Inagene Personalized Insights™ Test is the most comprehensive pharmacogenetic test in the world for pain and mental health, testing for 55 genes and 116 variants that have been shown to impact individual responses to >130 commonly used medications.

Over 130 medications - four simple categories*

Do Not Use

This medication is NOT recommended for you, and using an alternative medication is recommended instead, based on possible therapeutic failure or adverse side effects.

Use As Directed

Your response to this medication is expected to be similar to most other individuals, and no unique prescribing recommendations are provided as a result.

Use With Caution

A gene-drug interaction has been identified that may impact the medication’s effectiveness or tolerability. Your response is expected to be different from most people.


Based on one or more drug gene interactions identified, compared to others, you have an increased likelihood of responding to this medication.

Personalized recommendations to guide prescribing

*Based on the presence of specific gene variants known to alter responses to one or more drugs commonly used to treat pain and/or mental health conditions

What is pharmacogenetics?

Pharmacogenetics is the combination of pharmacology and genetics, and is used to understand how an individual is likely to respond to medications based on their unique genetic profile. Pharmacogenetics can help healthcare providers more accurately identify which drugs (and doses) are likely to work best for an individual BEFORE they are treated, to help them feel better as soon as possible, with minimal medication "trial and error."

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Watch: Introduction to Pharmacogenetics

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Why consider incorporating pharmacogenetic testing into your practice?

With only one third of patients with chronic pain or mental health conditions responding well to the first drug prescribed to them, most patients will spend weeks or months trialing different medications, often enduring side effects along with the persistent symptoms of their condition. Even worse, the chances of remission decrease with each subsequent drug trialed.

Sub-optimal drug experiences can drive adherence issues and resistance to trying new medications, perpetuating disability. Other consequences can include worsening of symptoms/condition, polypharmacy, and risk of drug dependency.

Sample Report

View an Inagene Personalized Insights™ sample report and explore the benefits of pharmacogenetic testing.


Medication List

View the full list of medications tested for on the Personalized Insights™ report.


Virtual Walkthrough

Watch the virtual walkthrough videos for a full understanding of the Inagene Personalized Insights Report.


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What do patients get when they order a Personalized Insights™ Test Kit?

The Cheek Swab Test Kit

The Personalized Insights™ Cheek Swab Test Kit is ordered online for delivery to the patient’s home, and provides all the tools they need to quickly and easily collect a sample to send to our Toronto lab for testing. The test can be done in less than 5 minutes in the comfort of their home or in your clinic/pharmacy, and a special postage-paid envelope is provided to return the sample to Inagene in the mail. Results available in about 7 days!

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Calian Health and Inagene Diagnostics Study

Calian Health and Inagene Diagnostics Inc. collaborated on a study in late 2020 involving 50 patients with chronic pain and/or mental health conditions to evaluate the “real-life” value of using pharmacogenetic test results to guide treatment, including the burden of time and cost involved in trialing different medications and doses. The results of the study were compelling and validated outcomes from previous PGx studies.

Coming Soon

Calian Health and Inagene Diagnostics Inc. Study 2020 Quick Facts

Additional Resources

Clinic Information Package

Learn more about the benefits of incorporating pharmacogenetics into your practice and the Inagene Clinic Partner Program.


Pharmacogenetics Infographic

Download and print an easy to understand infographic explaining the process and benefits of pharmacogenetic testing!


Patient Brochure

Download an explanatory brochure to introduce Inagene and pharmacogenetics to your patients.


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