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How it Works: What is Pharmacogenetics?

Learn more about the science behind Inagene Personalized Insights™ and how a simple cheek swab test is revolutionizing the treatment of pain and mental health conditions.


(The study of drugs)


(The study of individual, inherited traits)

How do my genes affect the way drugs work in my body?
Most of us carry “gene variants” that can impact effectiveness of some medications (or put us at a higher risk of side effects)

Knowing Your Genetics Matters

More than one in four Canadians is living with chronic pain, a mental health issue, or both.

In 2016, seniors were prescribed an average of 6.9 different drug classes over the year

More than 95% of us carry gene "variants" that impact how we will respond to one or more common medications.

Adverse drug events cause 20% of all hospital related injuries or deaths.

Only one in three people who are prescribed antidepressants or pain medication find an effective medication for them on the first try.

Every year in Canada, 5000 children die from adverse drug reactions.

Your genes carry the “code” for how you will likely respond to different medications.
Any two unrelated people have about 99.9% of the same nucleotides but it’s the remaining 0.1% that’s important.
The benefits of pharmacogenetic testing last a lifetime.
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