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Inagene Diagnostics Raises Awareness About Personalized Pain Management For All Canadians


Quebec’s only bilingual health and wellness magazine, MONTRÉAL enSANTÉ, is filled with expert advice from physicians, dietitians and personal trainers. Each issue aims to empower its audience with a focus on health, nutrition, and fitness.

The publication presents the most up-to-date health research by having an entire section dedicated to the innovative clinical care and cutting-edge research taking place at the McGill University Health Center.

Inagene Diagnostics appeared on the Spring 2020 issue, raising awareness about the empirical power of personalized pain management for all Canadians. Also featured in the issue is Canadian-Belgian singer-songwriter Lara Fabian as well as women’s health topics including migraine and misconceptions, strong is the new sexy, joint and health pain management, and more. 

Click below to access the Spring 2020 issue in both English and French:

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