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Inagene launches NEW Personalized Insights™ PrecisionRx: the “other test” that can help protect your health

For Canadians, the dark and chilly winter months typically bring an increased focus on protecting ourselves from getting sick. But as we navigate through the winter months of the COVID pandemic, doing everything we can to protect our health has never been a higher priority.

With this in mind, Inagene is proud to announce the launch of a brand new pharmacogenetic test: Inagene Personalized Insights™ PrecisionRx reveals predicted responses to over 160 medications spanning across multiple therapeutic areas (including cardiology, endocrinology, immunology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, urology, oncology and more), including drugs most commonly used in a hospital setting. 

More than 98% of us unknowingly carry gene variants that will cause us to have an unexpected reaction to one or more commonly used drugs (a lack of or reduced clinical effect and/or unexpected side effects or safety risks). Gene – driven variations in response to drugs can make finding the best treatments and doses difficult, time-consuming, and even dangerous, and this risk is greatly heightened in the event of a hospital admission. 

The typical critically ill patient is prescribed a myriad of medications, many of which can cause overlapping side effects and unnecessary harm. Because these patients are particularly vulnerable, time is of the essence in finding the most effective treatments and doses, and avoiding adverse drug reactions is extremely important. A recent study confirmed that most patients hospitalized with COVID-19 end up receiving at least one medication that is affected by pharmacogenetics, and many receive several. Without knowing how individual patients are likely to respond to different drugs this upfront, physicians are left with no option but to “try out” different medications and doses, which can mean losing valuable time and exposing vulnerable patients to potential safety risks.

 Even under “non-pandemic” circumstances, adverse drug events are the #4 cause of death in Canada, cause one-third of hospitalizations and 20% of in-hospital injuries, and significantly lengthen hospital stays for those admitted. Up to 80% of adverse drug events are estimated to be the result of inherited genetic variations that people unknowingly carry. 

 A recent study looking at patients hospitalized with COVID 19 demonstrated that having pharmacogenetic test results to guide treatment provides opportunities to optimize clinical care for nearly all individuals hospitalized with the virus. By revealing predicted responses to drugs commonly used both in and outside of the hospital setting, Personalized Insights PrecisionRx provides invaluable insights that help guide prescribers to the most effective and safe drugs and doses for each individual, while avoiding the rest.

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