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Inagene Pharmacogenetic Testing Featured on Global News

The Canadian Mental Health Association recently reported that 40% of Canadians said their mental health has worsened since March 2020. But long before the pandemic exerted it’s impacts on the mental health of Canadians, Inagene Diagnostics was empowering those suffering from mental health conditions to feel better sooner through personalized treatment. Recently, Global News helped raise awareness about the power of using an individual’s DNA to find the most effective, safe and tolerable treatment by featuring Inagene and pharmacogenetic testing on their Health Matters segment.

In the segment, Dr. Tony Kiang, Assistant Professor of Translational Pharmacotherapy at the University of Alberta explains that “Currently, drugs are prescribed empirically for most cases, which means that most people would get similar dosage, (with pharmacogenetic testing) the doctor or the pharmacist can tailor the medication and the dosage to the patient, based on their genetic information.”

Understanding how her genetic information would affect her medication response was the driving force behind Nurse Debbie Roberge ordering her Personalized Insights™ Report from Inagene Diagnostics. With a simple cheek swab, Debbie was able to unlock, and now share these insights with her healthcare teams so they can personalize her treatment and recovery plans now and into the future.

Inagene Diagnostics continues to drive awareness of PGx testing to empower Canadians in their journey with pain and mental health.

Learn more about Debbie’s story and the future of drug prescribing:

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