Canadian Pharmacogenetic Test Kits - Inagene Diagnostics Inc.

Introducing locally-produced pharmacogenetic testing kits into the Canadian market

Inagene has partnered with fellow Canadian health-tech company Granville Biomedical to add Canadian developed and researched medical grade swabs to its testing kits.

This partnership is helping us bring the best of locally manufactured medical products to Canadians. Our pharmacogenetics test is conducted using an oral cheek swab (explore the process) that analyzes a person’s DNA to determine which medication is predicted to work best for them. Granville Biomedical Inc., who specializes in the design of medical devices, is thus developing a specially-designed buccal swab for our test kits launching in 2022. 

The addition of these swabs will help ensure that we continue to support the Canada supply-chain and bring the best quality product to our customers. Learn more about this partnership (read the full press release) and Granville Biomedical (link to website).

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