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Optimizing Your Personal Health

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Health is fundamental and important for maintaining quality of life. But, health is personal. Finding what works for you and your unique body is important. In this blog post, we will outline different strategies one can take to optimize their own personal health journey.

Make a plan: what are your personal health goals?

The first step in optimizing your health is to define what your personal health goals are. As mentioned, the definition of health varies between individuals. Do you want to start incorporating exercise into your daily routine? Maybe you want to establish a healthy sleep schedule or you would like to adopt self-care habits.

Not sure where to start? There are a variety of health and nutrition tips based on evidence that you can start to apply to your daily life to help optimize personal health. Additionally, there are several helpful applications that can help you track and outline specific health goals. Remember that health is unique to you, start with small but achievable goals. 

Be your own personal health advocate 

Ensuring you receive appropriate healthcare services is essential for optimal personal health. It can be difficult at times to speak up for ourselves but by being our own advocate we can ensure that we are receiving comprehensive care. Healthline shares some great tips on how to be your best health advocate, some of these tips include: 

  • Empower yourself to take your healthcare into your own hands.
  • Speak up when something feels off.
  • Consider what matters most to you when it comes to your health. 

Furthermore, if the medications you have been prescribed are not working well for you, you might consider pharmacogenetic testing and bringing up this option with your healthcare team. 

Our DNA can impact our response to medications. Ensure you’re taking the right medications for your body. Finding effective symptom relief, whether that be for your mental health, pain, or other medical symptoms, is crucial for optimal personal health. 

You deserve to feel better, and the knowledge of pharmacogenetics give you will empower you to reach that better feeling. If you’re ready to take your health into your own hands and make it personal, shop our pharmacogenetic test kits today. 

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