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Personalized Medicine In Canada through Pharmacogenetic Testing

We are pleased to share this blog post published in "Pharmacy Practice+Business” (a Canadian Healthcare publication), authored by Pharmacist Nita Lakhani (A drug information pharmacist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto). Nita explores the utility and value of pharmacogenetic testing (particularly as it relates to pain and mental health conditions – “two therapeutic areas that are currently in the spotlight as a result of the pandemic”) and the role of the pharmacist in making this advancement in personalized medicine available to Canadian patients/consumers.

“Knowing an individual’s drug metabolizing capacity may help towards selecting medications that are more likely to be beneficial and avoiding those that may be detrimental.  If appropriate supports are introduced, pharmacists can leverage PGx testing towards providing personalized medicine for their patients, which would add value to their service model.”

Nita points out that, while some challenges remain in implementing pharmacogenetic testing, it presents a unique opportunity for pharmacists to help optimize the patient experience and therapeutic outcomes, and is a value added service that pharmacists are well positioned to provide.

Access the full article on pharmacogenetic testing for pharmacists here.

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