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Real-life patient experience demonstrates the positive impact of pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing on patients suffering with pain and mental health conditions

Only one in three people prescribed antidepressants or pain medication find an effective treatment on the first try.  Not finding the right medication can have dire consequences. These findings were replicated in Canadian patients via the Calian Health and Inagene Diagnostics Inc. pilot study.  The study recruited 50 patients being treated for chronic pain and mental health conditions.

The negative effects of ineffective treatment for pain and mental illness can be tremendous, with 64% of patients enrolled in this study revealing they had missed work because of sub-optimal treatment or medication side effects.

The study’s objective was to evaluate if PGx testing could help reduce the burden of time and cost involved in trialing different medications and doses for this patient population.

The results revealed that having access to the Inagene PGx test results sooner would have improved the treatment experience for 100% of these patients.

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