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Inagene Diagnostics Inc. & dnaPower Partnership


Inagene Diagnostics Inc is excited to announce a new partnership with dnaPower Inc., a fellow Canadian company, specializing in applying the power of genetics to help individuals make better, data driven decisions, about their health!

Together, we provide a complete suite of tailored health solutions, with comprehensive test offerings for preventative health and medical treatment optimization.

With the accessibility of genetic technologies, the “one size fits all” solution to managing ones health is rapidly becoming outdated. Our unique genetics can predispose us to certain health issues, such as weight gain, inflammation, metabolic problems, and some diseases like depression, anxiety or chronic pain. Our genes drive wide variations in our response to different foods, as well as types of exercise, and medications. This collaboration provides personalized recommendations regarding the best medications, diet, exercise, lifestyle regimen, all based on their unique genetics.

Our companies share the similar ethos of “knowledge is power”, and we are passionate about empowering individuals to take control of their health and feel better, sooner.

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