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Women are at Higher Risk for Certain Pain and Mental Health Conditions, and Experience Pain Differently Than Men: However, Everyone Can Benefit from Pharmacogenetic Testing

Research has clearly shown that our DNA has a lot to do with our risk of developing certain pain and mental health conditions, as well how we experience pain (our unique “pain thresholds”), and even how we will uniquely respond to different medications. Equally interesting is that this is also influenced by our gender. A recent article published on the YMC (Yummy Mummy Club) network highlighted the surprising fact that women are at higher risk of certain pain and mental health conditions than men, and women also tend to experience higher pain severity.  Women and men’s responses to medications can also vary, with certain drugs being more effective for women and others for men. More important, is that no two people are alike; you are unique and so is your response to medication. In this article, renowned Canadian physician experts and Pain Specialists Dr. Ian Finkelstein and Dr. Lydia Hatcher help shed light on this issue, and how pharmacogenetic testing uses our DNA to determine which medications and doses have the best likelihood of treatment success for each person.

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