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Return Policy

Inagene Diagnostics Inc. (INAGENE™) provides an online service that requires a device with internet access to view your Personalized Insights™ report. Throughout our website, we provide detailed information regarding our process and what you can expect or may experience from our service. Please review this information prior to purchasing. Your placement of an order from Inagene constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Service.

Inagene will provide a refund for unused kits purchased through our online store with the following conditions;

1. We will refund the balance of the total purchase price after subtracting shipping and handling charges. Simply return the unused Cheek Swab Kit along with your original receipt to our office as follows:

Inagene Diagnostics Inc.
802-2345 Yonge St., Toronto ON M4P 2E5
Attention: Customer Service

2. To receive a refund for an unused kit, you must notify us within thirty (30) days of placing your order on our online store.

We will not issue a refund (i) if you request a refund more than thirty (30) days after the payment; or (ii) if your Cheek Swab Kit was purchased through a channel other than our online store; or (iii) if your Cheek Swab Kit has been used (i.e., swab has been opened).

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