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Inagene makes it simple for pharmacists to become pharmacogenetics champions.

Many of your patients struggle due to ineffective and/or poorly tolerated medications and are looking for more precise treatment guidance that only pharmacogenetics can deliver.

Despite the proven effectiveness and tolerance of medicinal treatments, some individuals still experience breakthrough symptoms and/or intolerance.

However, there now is a tool available to help you predict how your patients may react to the medications you prescribe!

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing reduces the trial and error of prescribing by revealing which medications are likely to work best for an individual, based on the specific genetic variants he or she carries. Using PGx test results to guide treatment can help you provide personalized care for your patients by reducing adverse effects and increasing treatment effectiveness.

Why Inagene Should be Your Pharmacogenetics Testing Partner

  • The most high stringency drugs, genes and allele variants tested compared to Canadian competitors
  • Only those drug-gene combinations with a minimum threshold of evidence are included on the test and labeled as actionable information (based on the work of internationally recognized consortia)
  • Test results updated with new drug-gene data at no charge approximately every 6 months
  • Competitively priced tests that include a built-in professional fee

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