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How to improve quality of life for those living with chronic pain

According to The Canadian Pain Society, chronic pain is the leading cause of disability in Canada with 8 million Canadians living with this condition. Learn more about pain management in CanadaThe stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic has additionally led to an increase in symptoms for those struggling with chronic pain, with many searching for more effective treatments to help manage their pain. 

Matching individuals with effective treatment to manage their pain is often a challenging and lengthy process, due to wide variations in responses to pain drugs between individuals. However, advancements in genetic testing and personalized medicine, termed pharmacogenetics (PGx), may play a significant role in helping realize this goal. 

How can pharmacogenetics help find effective pain medications?

Pharmacogenetic testing provides highly personalized insights on which medications and doses would be most effective with the least side effects for each individual, based on compatibility with their DNA. PGx testing offers an alternative to the “trial and error” method, providing healthcare providers with a personalized “roadmap” to treatment success, while empowering individuals to take an active role in their own treatment. 

A recent pilot study of 50 chronic pain patients illustrated that, on average, individuals living with chronic pain could save over three years in frustrating drug ‘trial and error’ and over $3,000 in wasted drug costs just by taking a PGx test at the beginning of their treatment journey.  Pilot Study overview.  

How can I order a pharmacogenetics test for pain?

At Inagene Diagnostics we offer a test specially for those struggling to find an effective medication(s) to manage their pain and/or mental health.Chronic pain and depression are often closely linked with 50% of those with chronic pain reporting feelings of depression, while 35% report suicidal ideation. Our Pain and Mental Health Test provides insights on over 140 medications used to treat these conditions. 

Find out which medication is predicted to work best for you based on your DNA and start feeling better sooner. Read more about the utility of PGx testing for chronic pain management here


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