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The Benefit of Personalized Medicine in Mental Health Treatment 

As science evolves, we are seeing a rise in personalized or precision medicine. Personalized medicine allows an individual to have a treatment plan that is tailored to them. There are many forms of personalized medicine, but one of the biggest players in this field is pharmacogenetic testing.

Pharmacogenetic testing determines if you carry any genetic variants that could play a role in how you metabolism, and in turn respond to medications. You are unique and your response to medication is too. Genetics plays a role in drug metabolism and this is why one medication might work well for one person, but does not or just leads to increased side effects for another. 

The use of pharmacogenetic testing in mental health treatment is particularly helpful as there is well established research on drug-gene interactions for many medications prescribed in this area. In addition, it is not uncommon for those struggling with their mental health to cycle through multiple medications without relief. Pharmacogenetics  helps remove the guesswork of prescribing to help you find the right medication for you based on your genetics. 

Inagene Diagnostic Inc. is a Canadian company who offers pharmacogenetic testing and has a test specifically for medications prescribed in the areas of mental health and pain.

Nancy White, CEO of Inagene Diagnostics Inc., spoke recently at the Mental Health and Brain event hosted by Zoomer. You can watch the replay of the interview here to learn more about pharmacogenetic testing for mental health treatment. 

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