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You are
one of a kind
, and so is your response to medications.

Inagene helps you find out if a medication is likely to work well for you, or if a different medication at an adjusted dose would work better with less side effects before you even start your prescription. Gain life-long insights into your treatment journey for pain and mental health conditions with a simple 5 minute cheek swab test!
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insights to help you find the best possible treatment plan for you.
Designed to be
easy to use,
wherever, whenever, at your fingertips.
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The Inagene Personalized Insights™ Test provides answers to important questions like these:

What gene variants do I carry that may impact my response to medications?

What medications will work best for me?

Which medications should I avoid altogether?

Do I have an increased risk of side effects with certain medications?

Do I need a different dose of certain medications than most?

Is there a specific type or dose of cannabis that would work best for me?

Our Mission:
Help individuals and their healthcare providers determine
which drug and dose will work best
, with less trial and error.

Mental health conditions and pain are closely linked.
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What Our Customers Are Saying:

Said they were “extremely satisfied” with the report they received

Said the drug recommendations were “extremely clear and easy to act on”

Said they believe their past experiences with medications would have been better if they had these results sooner

Believe this test should be taken “before you start any medications for pain or mental health conditions"

  • Personalized Insights should be a basic part of our health care. I have wasted hundreds of dollars on medications that didn't work for me. If I had this test before receiving drug after drug I would not have had to suffer through the endless side effects like I did. Please make this available to everyone who needs it!

    • Anonymous
  • After taking the test, my doctor and I are now able to avoid certain medications that we had been considering for me. Having the test results makes me feel so much more secure because I know now I won’t have to suffer through medications that I otherwise would have had to. I’m really glad you (Inagene) are doing this - I know it will help a lot of people. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is trying different medications that don’t seem to be working.

    • Anonymous
  • What I would say to people thinking of taking this test is “Do it - you will get a lot of great information and it can really help in you and your doctor in deciding which medication you should take. I am really happy with it and the information I was given – it was the right decision for me. It all went very smoothly and was easy to do.

    • Kevin, 38, Ontario
  • If my doctor and I had this information 20 years ago many of the medications I have been prescribed would not have been, and that time wouldn’t have been wasted suffering on a medication that wasn’t compatible with my DNA when an alternative that was compatible could have been tried. The test helped us adjust the dosage of my antidepressant, and gave us new antidepressant treatment options to try that are compatible with my DNA. It has also already saved me money in experimenting with cannabis treatment because my doctor and I now know what cannabinoids to try. With so much trial and error in prescribing antidepressants, not only will chronic pain and mental health patients benefit with testing prior to being treated, but it will also benefit doctors, costs, and the environment. If this pandemic is teaching us anything it is that we must move forward using the technology we have now!

    • Lorraine, Ontario
  • The most important impact of the test results was giving me confidence to talk to my healthcare providers about my current medication regiment. I have solid evidence that backs up my feelings and experience.

    • Heather, Ontario
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