Inagene UK Press Release – 24th April 2023 - Inagene Diagnostics Inc.

Inagene UK Press Release – 24th April 2023


Inagene Diagnostics are proud to announce that they have launched a UK office, the first overseas office of this Canadian company.

A Canadian pharmacogenomics company has recently launched its UK office ‘Inagene Diagnostics UK Ltd’ bringing their research heritage and experience in providing personalised medicine tools, to Healthcare Professionals in the UK.

Medical practitioners work hard to get patients stabilised on their medication as quickly and effectively as possible. This often requires a trial-and-error approach, where they are required to prescribe a medication and monitor the patient's response; if the medication does not work or causes side effects, the prescriber may try a different medication, and so on. This process can be time-consuming, frustrating, and costly for both the patient and healthcare provider. However, pharmacogenomics can provide a more personalised and precise approach, reducing the need for trial-and-error prescribing.

Inagene’s diagnostic tests accurately interrogate genes which have been carefully selected, based on peer reviewed publications with high level evidence supporting gene-drug relationships. The results are combined with advanced data analysis software to provide clinical reports which make it easy for health care providers to navigate to the most appropriate treatment options for their patients.

Inagene Diagnostics UK is working in collaboration with NHS teams from Central and South Genomics Laboratories Hub/ West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation Trust and Forward Thinking Birmingham Mental Health Services, to assess the impact of pharmacogenomics on patient outcomes within NHS mental health services, with a view to incorporate a pharmacogenomic panel into patient management protocols.

Working in partnership with the NHS, Inagene Diagnostics UK Ltd aims to bring the patient and cost benefits of pharmacogenomic testing into routine clinical practice.

Don Wright, Inagene's Executive Chairman, says: "Selecting the the correct medication is not only important, but can be life-changing. It can improve quality of life, alleviate symptoms, and ultimately lead to better health outcomes. Everyone at Inagene is excited to be working with our NHS team partners, as we believe our pharmacogenomic testing will help them provide the personalised care their patients need to feel better sooner."


About Inagene

Inagene is an international pharmacogenomics company that uses a patient’s genetic profile to help guide clinical decision making, giving individuals and their health care providers personalised insights into the best treatments for them. Our mission is simple – harness the power of genetic testing and personalised medicine to help people feel better, sooner.

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