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Your patient’s DNA can help guide prescribing.

Inagene Personalized Insights™ pharmacogenetic tests reveal which medications have the highest likelihood of treatment success for your patients, based on their unique genetic profile.

Genetics can impact drug response in nearly everyone.1

Drugs and doses that work well for one patient often don’t work (or cause unexpected side effects) for others, and this can be significantly influenced by genetics. With only about one-third 2 of those with depression responding well to the first drug prescribed, many spend weeks or months cycling through drugs and doses, enduring persistent symptoms and/or side effects. Chance of remission decreases while likelihood of experiencing side effects increases with each subsequent trial.2

The Personalized Insights™ Report

Once the sample arrives at Inagene’s lab, our geneticists carefully extract DNA from the cheek swab sample to confirm which of the genetic variants that we test for the individual carries. These results are converted into a detailed personalized report, describing the individual's unique predicted responses to the medications tested for (click here to view the complete list of medications). The science may be complicated, but the report is simple and easy to understand.

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