Our Company - Inagene Diagnostics Inc.

Our mission is simple - harness the power of genetic testing and personalized medicine to help people feel better, sooner.

Health and research is in our DNA.

With over 30 years of experience and leadership in genetic research and diagnostics, combined with over 30 years of commercial health experience, we have witnessed - and been a part of - the growing technology that now makes personalized healthcare possible.

We believe patients are not simply seeking more information, but practical and individualized information they can use to help make the best possible decisions about their health. Inagene Personalized Insights™ makes it easy for patients, individuals and health care practitioners to navigate to the safest and most effective treatment options, and steer clear of those that aren’t.

Your genetic analysis is performed in our CLIA - accredited Toronto laboratory.

Inagene is proud of our lab, which is the only Canadian pharmacogenomics lab to hold accreditation by CLIA, (which stands for the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments). CLIA's mandate is to ensure quality laboratory testing by ensuring pharmacogenetic labs meet quality control and accuracy standards that certify the results are accurate and the test does what if is designed to do. The test itself (Inagene's Personalized Insights™ pharmacogenetic test for pain and mental health) is also CLIA certified to provide reliable and accurate insights that can be trusted to guide treatment decisions.

Our cutting edge testing technology, the MassARRAY® System by Agena Bioscience combines mass spectrometry, sensitive and robust chemistry, and advanced data analysis software. Inagene holds Medical Device Establishment License #9922 from Health Canada.

Our mission doesn’t stop with our current test.

We are dedicated to genetic research and passionate about furthering discoveries on the risk of drug dependency and addiction. We believe every test we do today will contribute to advancing this important area of genetic research.

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If you have questions, comments or are interested in receiving more information we want to hear from you! Simply send an email to customerservice@inagene.com.

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