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The science may be complicated, but we make it simple and easy to understand.

Your DNA is carefully analyzed to identify genetic variants known to impact medication responses. These insights are used to create your Personalized Insights™  online report, which details your predicted responses to >225 common medications.

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Every step of the way, Inagene makes it simple to access and understand your report.

Inagene’s online portal provides everything you need to get the most of your pharmacogenetic insights. Once your report is ready, it’s easy to search for specific drugs, view drug recommendations, share your report with your healthcare team, or create and download a customized report with medications relevant to you. Best of all, your report is updated every 6 months with the latest medications and research - free of charge!

Click on any medication to see the full recommendation.

If a gene-drug interaction has been identified that could impact your response to a specific medication, you will see a personalized drug recommendation. This will include your predicted response to the medication, dose recommendations and the possible risk of side effects such as hives, nausea, or weight gain.

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See the report in action and all the different features the Inagene portal allows by watching one of the video tours on Youtube.

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Finding the right medication is as easy as red, yellow, green.

Your report places >225 medications into 4 categories, based on your genetic profile:

This medication is NOT recommended for you. Try to use an alternative drug instead based on possible therapeutic failure or side effects.

Your response is expected to be different from most people as you have a gene variant that may impact the drug’s effectiveness or tolerability.

Your response to this medication is expected to be similar to most other individuals, and no unique recommendations are provided as a result.

Based on one or more drug gene interactions identified, compared to others, you have an increased likelihood of responding to this drug.

You are unique and your response to medication is too. Make sure you are prescribed the right medication for you based on your genetics.

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Explore the online report to get the full experience!

 Your online report can be used on your phone, computer or tablet. Keep in mind, there are a few extra features you’ll gain access to once you’ve ordered a test like downloading a customizable PDF or sharing the report directly with your healthcare team. Until then, explore the types of recommendations you could recieve on your Personalized Insights™ report.

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Inagene tests reveal your predicted responses to over 225 commonly prescribed medications across multiple therapeutic areas, including 90% of those used to treat pain and mental health conditions.


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The Personalized Insights™ report offers guidance on which drugs are likely to work best for you, and which you should avoid (based on increased risk of side effects or drug interactions), so you and your healthcare team can manage your health condition(s) as effectively and safely as possible. The reports are available on our secure portal so that you can easily share your reports with others.

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