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The Personalized Insights™ Report

Once your sample arrives at Inagene’s lab, our geneticists carefully extract DNA from your cheek swab sample to confirm which of the 116 genetic variants we test for you carry. These results are converted into a detailed personalized report, describing your unique predicted response to over 120 common medications to treat pain and mental health conditions. The science may be complicated, but the report is simple and easy to understand.

Inagene Classifies Medications into 4 Categories

Do Not Use

This medication is NOT recommended for you, and using an alternative medication is recommended instead, based on possible therapeutic failure or adverse side effects.

Use With Caution

A gene-drug interaction has been identified that may impact the medication’s effectiveness or tolerability. Your response is expected to be different from most people.

Use As Directed

Your response to this medication is expected to be similar to most other individuals, and no unique prescribing recommendations are provided as a result.

Use As Directed/Preferred

Based on one or more drug gene interactions identified, compared to others, you have an increased likelihood of responding to this medication.

Quickly reference an overview of all 120 medications and your personalized result.
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Sort by drug class or alphabetical order.
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Click on any medication to see the detailed recommendation.

"Search" for individual medications to create a customized report.
Auto-filled search by generic or brand name.

What medications do we test for?

Inagene tests for medications that are most commonly used for chronic pain and mental health conditions. See the full list of medications we test for below, sorted by their respective drug classifications.

If you are looking for a medication which does NOT appear on this list/in the search function, it is because no actionable recommendations exist for that particular medication at this time (based on currently available pharmacogenetic research). If you have any questions regarding a specific medication, please feel free to contact

View and share your report in 3 ways:

Online through the Inagene Secure Portal (Recommended)

A Downloadable Digital PDF

Printing Your Report

Explore a sample of our report.


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